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Online Marketing Online marketing can include a wide range of internet marketing activities and techniques that work together in line with the overall business objectives. These objuectives may include Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Online Sales or Enquiries.

Organic Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is about making your website visible in the search engines so that people looking for your products and services can find you. The key is to try to appear early on in the search results, preferably on the first page. The effect of keyword placement and Meta data and back links on Search Engine Rankings no has a less important part to play in getting your business found. 

High Search Engine Rankings more now more difficult and complicated to achieve for those high value, high converting keyword phrases. A co-ordinated programme of work is required across a wide range of influences to affect the Search Engine Rankings for specific keywords and phrases.

Search Engine Marketing when combined with a location or town name such as Kingsbridge, Plymouth or Torquay can be very effective at driving local searches to your website. All of this needs to be considered at the start of the programme. 

It is something that needs to be worked on continually and the amount of work is required often depends on a variety of factors such as the size of the market, competition levels, target geography, the technology used to build your website and much much more. 

The initial research to answer some of these all-important questions is of paramount importance. This allows us to establish a clear picture of the size of the task and to build an Internet Marketing Plan that fits hand in glove with your goals and allocated budget. Do be aware though that it is not a quick win, it takes time and consistent ongoing effort but the long term rewards can be substantial.

Paid Advertising

Commonly known as Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid Advertising can either be advertising with the search engine itself such as Google Adwords, paying to have an advert displayed on a website or a network of relevant websites. This more and more includes many of the social media platforms now available. 

It is often the fastest way to achieve results. 

Within a few hours, searchers looking for your products and services can be visiting your website. If targeting local searches, typically for Paid Advertising in Kingsbridge, Salcombe or Totnes in Devon, only searchers within that given area will see your adverts displayed. This can be a great way of reducing your advertising spend and for generating a real local buzz about your products, special events and in store sales events.

When performed correctly Paid Advertising is a very effective way of growing your business. However, if implemented without the necessary controls and design much of your hard earned marketing funds can disappear very quickly. 

Great care should be taken and we recommend you seek professional help when proceeding with a Paid Advertising Campaign.

Email Marketing

We are all inundated with email, much of it unsolicited and unwanted. Email Marketing can sometimes get a bad name because of this. But if performed correctly, it still is one of the most effective ways of getting repeat sales from your existing client base as well as converting prospects into actual fee paying clients. 

Buying email lists and sending mass email out to anonymous people, in the unlikely hope that someone will convert is simply a waste of time and money and can often result in your brand being damaged.

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